Education & Training

When developing a professional development seminar or workshop, knowing where to start and what to include can be quite overwhelming, particularly when the training requires specialist knowledge or expertise. Internal budgets do not always stretch to engaging external expertise to assist - and finding the most contemporary 'best practice' information and resources can be both challenging and time-consuming.

Specifically targeting tertiary academic, professional & administrative staff engaging with students on the spectrum in a tertiary education environment, the following downloadable PowerPoint provides a ‘starting point’ for creating a range of professional development sessions of various durations.  While the provided resource can be delivered with limited amendment, personalisation to institutional needs and target group requirements using the animations and video clips provided in the resources section section (or other external resources) is strongly recommended.

Suggested duration Format and focus Delivery options Download
30-90 mins

'Universal' PowerPoint Presentation: An introduction to tertiary transition and autism

Stand-alone session/s or comprehensive professional development workshop. The 'universal' PP provides guideline content which can be edited to create a brief 'introductory' session or extended to provide a comprehensive training workshop (or a series of staff training sessions).